Services for Solara, the 11:11 and the Heart of AN

Main Sources of Updated Information

Solara on Patreon patreon.com/SolaraAnani.
After Solara stopped Surf Reports and Surf Notes in December 2023 becoming a Patreon member will give you the deepest insights in Solara’s ongoing work.

The Heart of AN Center in Peru (where we live) anvisible.com.

Solara’s page on facebook facebook.com/SolaraANAmua.

More Sites

Youtube Channel nvisible11.

Photo Journeys through the 11:11 Doorway 1992 – 2012 journey.emanaku.com.

Solara, the Nvisible and the 11:11 Doorway www.nvisible.com. (No updates since 2015.)

Mercados (Online Shops)

Books, Guided Meditations, eBooks and more by Solara The Nvisible Mercado.

The Cards of AN ‘A MU’A (formerly The Cards of AN), Peru and World Treasures – directly from Peru The AN•Mercado. (Including Solara’s Cards of AN ‘A MU’A.)

Online Courses and Card Readings

Online Master Classes for Solara’s Cards of AN (in English or German language) melons.heartofan.com.

Online Readings with Solara’s Cards of AN (in English or German language) melons.heartofan.com/online-card-readings


Solara solara@nvisible.com

Emanáku emanaku@gmail.com